Guide to a Dream Luxury Yacht Vacation


If you have always dreamt of spoiling your family with the perfect vacation gift, then a luxury yacht sailing vacation is your best bet. There are many other vacationing options out there, but the key word here is luxury.

Why Charter a Luxury Yacht?

Not only will you be able to pamper your family with the most exclusive living and accommodation at sea, you will also be able to visit the most remote holidaying jewels. These are destinations you cannot access through any other means thus making a luxury yacht charter the perfect means to these fun havens.

The whole idea is to enjoy your time on water while on the way to the perfect getaway. You can opt for your own boat captain and staff, or if you have the experience, then the boat is all yours for the entire period.

The cabins come with features you can only find in world class hotels from WIFI, TV and music systems, mini bars, exemplary cuisines and personalized services, water sport gear and so much more. Privacy and opportunity for customized fun make a yacht experience dreamy to say the least.

Top Luxury Yacht Destinations

Well, you cannot deny that the allure of exclusive fun on the water is irresistible. Question is where do you enjoy your boat? Here are some perfect getaways spread across the world:

The Caribbean: Who doesn’t love tropical islands, great weather, exquisite beaches and charming culture? From music nightlife, marine life and great people, you will never get enough of these islands including Jamaica, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Antigua and Grenada, among others.

Florida, USA and Bahamas: Miami is the epicentre of yacht vacationing in the U.S. You can also have fun on your luxury yacht in New England and other East Coast sailing areas which form a perfect summer cruise destination. Bahamas is of course renowned for its idyllic beaches, marine life, famous resorts, coral islands and infinite fun opportunities.

Mediterranean and Northern Europe: This is another focal sailing area and it is extensive enough to offer a versatile range of fun activities to enjoy. From the French Riviera, Tuscany Coast and Sicily in Italy, incredible Greek Islands, Sardinia and Corsica, Ibiza and Mallorca, Montenegro and Croatia coastlines, among other destinations, you can never get enough.

Indian Ocean sailing destinations: The exotic and undisturbed Maldives, Seychelles, Zanzibar, among other destinations, offer turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, coral reefs, fabulous marine life and more fun than you can expect anywhere else.

Amazing Asia Pacific destinations: To say the Pacific is fantastic as a luxury yacht destination is understating facts. From the stupefying Bali, enigmatic Phuket, Andaman Sea, Tahiti and Boar Bora, paradisiacal Fiji and impressive Singapore, there is no dearth of sailing opportunities.

With this hindsight, you can now get down to picking a reliable luxury yacht charter company.